Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rhythm Songbook is the New Album from the Fizzing Funksters

The Fizzing Funksters have released their new album "Rhythm Songbook".

12 tracks of Beats, Groove Journeys, Funk, Electric Hip Hop Instrumentals, Minimal Breaks, Production Library Music, Rhythm Salads & Desserts.

Unlike our first, self titled, Album in which all the production was done on an Atari 1040ste and hardware synthesizers and drum machines, this album was initially conceived on a PC with software that was included on the DVD on the cover of Computer Music magazine,  and edited on a MAC in Logic Pro 9, Bias Peak Le and Soundtrack Pro.

The initial intention was to create a Production Music Library release (hence the title Rhythm Songbook), with short tracks of loops and grooves, that were suitable for adverts etc. but we decided to create an album for general release.

The tracks on this album were compiled with the theme or genre of downtempo beats in mind, the next in the series "Rhythm Songbook 2" will be more Techno & House related, still with a minimalistic approach.

Listen and/or Buy at http://fizzfunk.com

Thank-you for listening.
The Fizzing Funksters.

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